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Democracy Now! Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Published November 14, 2001

Democracy Now! television program for Wednesday, November 14, 2001

In-studio music by: Brad Will

Shooting the Messenger: U.S. Missiles Destroy the Kabul Office of Al Jazeera, the "CNN of the Arab World" ­ After the Northern Alliance Began to Take the City
The Kabul office of the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite station that has broadcast twovideotapes of Osama bin Laden denouncing America, was obliterated in US bombing early yesterday morning.

"Short On Patriotism"? Lynne Cheney and Sen. Lieberman's Organization Targets University Students and Professors for Criticizing U.S. Foreign Policy
Since September 11 teachers, students and people around the country have been targeted for speaking out against theU.S. bombing of Afghanistan in particular and U.S. foreign policy more generally. At the City University of NewYork, for example, the Chancellor issued a statement denouncing students and professors who participated in a teach-in on the attacks and U.S. foreign policy.

After a Long Night of Negotiations, the World Trade Organization Talks in Qatar Almost Fallthrough, But Activists Outmaneuver Drug Makers
Efforts were under way all through the night last night to break a deadlock in World Trade Organization talks onlaunching a global trade round. Trade ministers from more than 140 countries today ran up against last-minuteobjections by India to plans for trade pact talks aimed at boosting the tottering world economy and lifting millionsfrom poverty. India, a vocal defender of its national interest, had refused to endorse a new series of WTO talks onissues from farming to industrial tariffs that it sees as skewed in favor of rich countries. 20 nations--includingEuropean Union and the US-–met with India last night and to offer them a opt-out. Failure to reach a deal would be abody blow to the world trading system at a time when global economies are teetering on the brink of recession, butdiplomats said they remained confident a deal could be clinched.

Secret U.S. Military Tribunal to Try Non-Citizens; the Justice Department Asks Lawenforcement Agencies to Pick Up 5,000 Legal Immigrants From the Middle East for Questioning It Callsvoluntary
President Bush signed an order yesterday allowing special military tribunals to try people accused of terrorism. Asenior administration official said that any such trials would “not necessarily” be public and that the Americantribunals might operate in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Under the order, the president himself is to determine who isan accused terrorist and therefore subject to trial by the tribunal. A senior Justice Department official, speakingon condition of anonymity, said only noncitizens would be tried before the military commission.

Thousands of Germans Protest Nuclear Waste Shipments From France
In a small town in rural Germany a major standoff between activists and police is intensifying as thousands of peopleattempt to stop railroad shipments of highly radioactive waste from France to Germany.

As U.N. Prepares to Send "Peace-Keeping" Forces, Women Protest the War in Columbus, Ohio
The Northern Alliance has taken Kabul but the war isn’t over.

Ralph Nader Speaks to Thousands - Part II
Ralph Nader spoke to thousands in Boston on Saturday night about corporate power, the media, human rights, and war.

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